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Pros and Cons for start-ups working with remote teams – video interview with a Softjourn client

CEO's Blog (by Emmy Gengler) - Sun, 04/06/2014 - 19:47

What are the pros and cons of working with a third-party for software development? Check out what our client, Pavel Asanov thinks about that!

I Have a Dream…Or, At Least an Idea!

CEO's Blog (by Emmy Gengler) - Fri, 02/28/2014 - 20:52

No doubt you have heard these words, or maybe you have even uttered them yourself. There is no shortage of people saying this very same thing. But that is the easy part, the harder part is to take that idea to fruition. For entrepreneurs building tech or technology enabled service companies, the list of questions goes on and on; what technology to use for their product/service, where to build it, who will build it, how much is it going to cost, etc. Often it seems that that the entrepreneur gets bogged down on these questions, in part, because of well-meaning assistance. These are questions that advisors love to provide input to. You should use this technology it’s the latest, or you should go to this country to find a software dev partner or use this company, they can build your product, I know these guys, they are good, etc. But they are all missing the point. The biggest question an entrepreneur has to answer, and the hardest question he/she often has to answer is what to build.

So what do you build? How much do you need to build in order to show to potential investors, or to get potential clients on board, or to just start selling. What is going to separate your company from the crowd? These are the more difficult questions and the ones that take effort to decide. Many entrepreneurs think everything is needed at once and of course that is not the case. So as an entrepreneur, how do you decide what to build first? When you have an idea that you love, you want everyone else to love it to and you just want to get going!

I read a blog article a couple of years ago which I think helps entrepreneurs in this situation, 7 Warning Signs Your “Big Idea” Is Going to Flop”. Not that every idea is going to flop of course! But the author makes some great points that entrepreneurs need to allow time for planning, thinking and documenting their idea. They also need to set deadlines, which can be contrary to the entrepreneurial idea of being flexible. So assume the entrepreneur sets deadlines, sets aside time to plan, writes down their thought process and thinks through their ideas. But after all of this planning that an entrepreneur is going to do, the question still is, “what am I ready to build first?”

In order to give entrepreneurs an idea of what is needed for which build level, Softjourn has created a set of guidelines showing what an entrepreneur should know or have prepared for different build levels; clickable prototype, alpha version, or MVP. Maybe it only pays to create a click-able prototype, even if they have the money to create an alpha version. But why spend the money before you have to! While no checklist or set of guidelines is perfect, it is the thinking, planning, defining process that is going to help get an entrepreneur’s idea off the ground! And maybe yours too!

2nd Screen Android app

CEO's Blog (by Emmy Gengler) - Fri, 01/31/2014 - 14:25

Congratulations to our client SnappyTV on the successful launch of a 2nd screen Android app for one of its TV shows! It has been great to work with everyone there, and thanks Dan for the great comments on working with us! Congrats on a successful rollout as well to the Softjourn Team: Lyubomyr, Volodymyr, Andriy (G! – we have many Andriys!), and Olga (K! – we have many Olgas!)

How do you choose between developing a RESTful or SOAP API?

CEO's Blog (by Emmy Gengler) - Tue, 01/07/2014 - 23:57

Softjourn has compiled a few suggestions to help you choose! Check them out:

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