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Google Glass — is it an Oops…….

CEO's Blog (by Emmy Gengler) - Fri, 01/30/2015 - 21:59

If, as they tell us now here in the valley, we should admit when we are “wrong”, then perhaps we need to do this as well. Specifically, it has become very popular lately to admit that we were wrong about google glass. Well, at least we will admit to buying one, and it did prove extremely popular for photos….. While we did explore many an app for google glass, including onsite ticket scanning, customer information look-up, gathering data points by drivers (including delivery, armored car drivers, etc.), check-out, location based look-up, etc., practical usage was few and far between. The temporary “shutdown” of consumer sales of Glass, does not mean the end of Glass at all. It has just moved departments. Future versions may work and differ widely from the first version, but this is not the end of smart glasses in some shape or form. We, for one, are happy to have this experience at the start of wearable tech and we look forward to the future!

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